faculty_leeNancy Lee
Assistant Professor: Fiction
Office: Buchanan E463
Office Phone: (604) 827-2115
Email: nancy (dot) lee (at) ubc (dot) ca

Annabel Lyon
Acting Co-Chair
Associate Professor: Fiction
Office: Buchanan E475
Office Phone: 604-822-3023
Email: annabel (dot) lyon (at) ubc (dot) ca

Keith Maillard
Professor: Fiction & Poetry
Office: Buchanan E469
Office Phone: (604) 822-4596
Email: keith (dot) maillard (at) ubc (dot) ca

cropped-photo_sharon_mcgowanSharon McGowan
Associate Professor: Writing for Screen
Office: Buchanan E461
Email: Sharon (dot) McGowan {at} ubc (dot) ca



Maureen Medved
Associate Professor: Fiction & Writing for Screen
Office: Buchanan E468
Office Phone: (604) 822-4385
Email: maureen (d0t) medved (at) ubc (dot) ca

epw-headshotEmily Pohl-Weary
Assistant Professor: Writing for Children & Young Adults
Office: Buchanan E477 (as of January 1, 2017)
Office Phone: TBA
Email: e (dot) pohl-weary (at) ubc [dot] ca


linda-thumbLinda Svendsen
Acting Co-Chair
Professor: Fiction & Television
Office: Buchanan E470
Office Phone: (604) 822-3058
Email: linda (dot) svendsen (at) ubc (dot) ca


Timothy Taylor
Associate Professor: Fiction, Nonfiction
Office: Buchanan E467
Office Phone: (604) 827-2130
Email: timothy (dot) taylor (at) ubc (dot) ca

Rhea 2014Rhea Tregebov
Associate Professor: Poetry
Office: Buchanan E472
Office Phone: (604) 822-4958
Email: rhea (dot) tregebov (at) ubc (dot) ca


bryan-wadeBryan Wade
Associate Professor: Dramatic Writing
Office: Buchanan E471
Office Phone: (604) 822-2042
Email: bwade (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca


Ian Williams Sept 25 2012Ian Williams
Assistant Professor: Poetry
Office: Buchanan E473 (as of January 1, 2017)
Office Phone: TBA
Email: ian (dot) williams (at) ubc (dot) ca





Alison Acheson
Writing for Children and Young Adults
Buchanan E480
Email:  alison {dot} acheson (at) ubc (dot) ca



Deborah CampbellDeborah Campbell
Lecturer: Nonfiction
Office: Buchanan E466
Email: deborah (dot) campbell (at) ubc (dot) ca


Kevin Chong
Lecturer: Nonfiction
Office: Buchanan E466
Email: kkc19 (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Maggie de Vries
: Writing for Children
Office: Buchanan E480
Email: maggie (d0t) devries (at) ubc (d0t) ca

Wayne Grady
Lecturer: Nonfiction (Optional-Residency MFA)
Office: N/A
Email: wayne (d0t) grady (at) ubc (dot) ca


sara-graefe-oct-2015Sara Graefe
Lecturer: Screenwriting (Optional-Residency MFA)
Office: Buchanan E480
Email: sara [dot] graefe {at} ubc [dot] ca



tariq-webTariq Hussain
: Lyric Forms
Office: Buchanan E458
Email: tariq [dot] hussain {at} ubc [dot] ca



Sarah Leavitt BW-4Sarah Leavitt
Lecturer: Graphic Forms
Office: E162
Email: Sarah (dot) Leavitt (at) ubc (dot) ca



Susan Musgrave
Lecturer: Poetry (Optional-Residency MFA)
Office: N/A
Email: musgrave (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Andreas Schroeder
Rogers Communication Chair: Nonfiction
Office: Buchanan E466
Office Phone: (604) 822-6564
Email: apschroederxx (at) gmail (dot) com, or
aps (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca

faculty_vignaJohn Vigna
Lecturer: Fiction
Office: Buchanan E463
Email: John (dot) Vigna (at) ubc (dot) ca

faculty_warrenerSheryda Warrener
: Poetry
Office: Buchanan E162
Email: Sheryda (dot) Warrener (at) ubc (dot) ca

Sessional Instructors

martin-photo-webMartin Kinch
Sessional Instructor: Screenplay
Office: Buchanan E162
Email: mr {dot} kinch (at) ubc (dot) ca



Adjunct Instructors

Taylor Brown-Evans
Adjunct Instructor: Graphic Novel
Office: Buchanan E458
Email: tbrownev [at] mail {dot} ubc (dot) ca

Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn
Adjunct Instructor: Poetry
Office: Buchanan E178
Email: Amber (dot) Dawn (at) ubc (dot) ca

Dina Del Bucchia
: Comedic Forms
Office: N/A
Email: dina (d0t) delbucchia (at) ubc (d0t) ca



faculty_browningSioux Browning
Adjunct Instructor: Screenwriting (Optional-Residency MFA)
Email: siouxb (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca


Charlotte-Gill-webCharlotte Gill
Adjunct Instructor: Nonfiction (Optional-Residency MFA)
Email: gilchar (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca




SHunt-webStephen Hunt
Adjunct Instructor
: Playwriting (Optional-Residency MFA)
Email: sbh9924 [at] mail [dot] ubc (dot) ca




Jennifer Moss

Adjunct Instructor:
Writing for New Media
jmoss01 [at] mail [dot] ubc (dot) ca



nielsenSusin Nielsen
Adjunct Instructor
: Writing for Children
Office: Buchanan E480




aleya-abdulla-jpgAleya Abdulla
Undergraduate Advisor
Office: E-472
Email: crwr (dot) undergrad (at) ubc {dot} ca



Andrew HeadshotAndrew Gray
Program Coordinator / Educational Strategist / edX
Office: E-462
Email: angray (at) mail {dot} ubc {dot} ca



Diane Smyth
Office: E-465
Office Phone: 604-822-3024
Email: crwr {dot} admin {at} ubc {dot} ca

Pat Rose
Office: E-462
Office Phone: 604-822-0699
Email: patrose (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca