Second Annual Cold Reading Series Collaboration

Our Second Annual Cold Reading Series Collaboration has come and gone. The event took place Monday, February 26th 2018 at the Vancouver Film School Cafe. The readings of the work of all four writers were outstanding and featured Plotless by Andrey Summers’ My Grandmother Knew Dracula by Max D’Ambrosio, Cold Calling by Stephanie Hungerford and Anne’s Home for Unwed Mother’s by Jocelyn Tennant. 

Congratulations to the four MFA students who participated in another great Cold Reading Series event.

Here are some comments from the writers:

“The Cold Reading Series was a wholly rewarding experience for me as a writer. It was great to see my characters interacting somewhere other than in my head, and it reinvigorated my love for my project. I would highly recommend participating—especially after you’ve been toiling away on your thesis for a year and never want to see it again—trust me, it’s exactly what you need.”  (Jocelyn Tennant)

“After my project was read at CRS, I gained a clearer perspective and renewed confidence. Thank you.” (Max D’Ambrosio)

“This is the first time I have ever heard my writing read out loud by professional actors and I have to say, it was an incredibly fruitful experience. The way the actors lifted my words off of the page while adding their own interpretation was not only rewarding, but also informative. I now know what I have to change, and what I can keep. I wish this could happen with all of my writing!”  (Stephanie Hungerford)

“It’s always illuminating to hear your work performed, and the speed and alacrity with which that happens at the CRS is amazing. The couches were also very soft 5/5” (Andrey Summers)

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