New Writing for Video Games certificate program begins July 5


Acquire the globally in-demand skills necessary to succeed as a writer in the fast-growing world of video games with our new Writing for Video Games Professional Certificate Program on the edX learning platform.

In this six course Professional Certificate Program hosted on Harvard and MIT’s innovative edX learning platform, you’ll learn the tools and techniques of writing for video games in a comprehensive program designed by successful, working game writers and UBC teachers. From story and character development to worldbuilding and interactive narrative, this Certificate will help you excel in an industry that rewards creative, flexible team players.

The first course, Video Game Writing Essentials, begins on July 5, 2021. Register on the edX learning platform to participate.

What You’ll Learn

  • The crucial differences between traditional storytelling and writing for video games
  • The writer and narrative designer’s role in the game development process
  • How to develop characters and write scenes that serve both the narrative and the production of a game
  • How to work with art directors, programmers and level designers to create interactive narratives
  • How to develop an application portfolio and excel at industry-standard writing tests

Course Length: self-paced (estimated at 5 weeks each).
Cost: Free to audit. Verified certificate cost from $99 to $249 per course (USD).
Schedule: The first course opens July 5, 2021, with subsequent courses opening through the fall and into early 2022.