The multiple paths to publication (agents, small presses and red flags)

Tuesday February 8, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

EDI Virtual Coffee Chat

According to the Writers’ Union of Canada, there are approximately only 30 literary agents in Canada, and 80 percent of published writers do not have agents. As you might have guessed, finding representation and publishing a book is an extremely competitive process.

We warmly invite current BFA and MFA students, faculty and staff members to share their invaluable experiences and insights about their publishing experience(s). Questions and topics might include: do I need a literary agent and how do I find a legitimate one? Should I send my work to an agent and/or a small press? How do I know if I should keep submitting my manuscript if I only receive complimentary rejections? When should I fire my agent? We will discuss what professional qualities to look for when signing with an agent and the nerve-wracking process of having your book out on submission.

This is a safe, inclusive virtual space to ask questions about publishing and foster a literary community.

Zoom Meeting Link

Current UBC Creative Writing students, faculty and staff received the Zoom meeting link by email invitation. Please contact administration if you need assistance.

Hosted by the EDI Committee

Co-chairs: Lindsay Wong, Taylor Brown-Evans
Faculty and Staff Members: Tania De Rozario, Maureen Medved, Alix Ohlin, Christine Palka
Student Representatives: Meagan Black, Roshni Riar, Gabrielle Rutman