Monica Meneghetti, MFA 2012

Monica Meneghetti is a multilingual language professional and writer with a penchant for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Her translation of Simone Moro’s adventure memoir,The Call of the Ice: Climbing 8000- Meter Peaks in Winter (Mountaineers Books), is the first-ever English edition among this renowned alpinist’s books. Monica’s poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared in literary journals and musical scores, as well on stage and online. She’s taught and mentored both youth and adults, offering custom- designed workshops at Fernie Writer’s Conference, Camp Fyrefly, and independently. As an editor, she has a special interest in enabling marginalized voices to be heard. She often attracts clients for whom English is a second language, due to her linguistic expertise. She holds a BA in French & Linguistics, and an MFA in Creative Writing from University of British Columbia.


The Call of the Ice: Climbing 8000-meter Peaks in Winter by Simone Moro, Translated by Monica Meneghetti