M.F. McDowell, MFA 2012

How did your time in the Creative Writing Program influence your work?

The Program was a huge influence on me. I’d become burnt out and jaded (working as a screenwriter), and the Program brought back my love of writing and crafting a story. The people I met were interesting and gave me tons of support. Truly one of the best educational experiences of my life.

What’s your latest published/performed work?

Open City, Closed Set

What are your most recent awards?

2011 Banff Media Festival – Best Drama TV Pilot (La Fontaine)

Are you connected to any creative writing communities you’d like to mention (UBC alums, film and theatre communities, etc)?

Okanagan Screen Arts (Board Member/Host)
Center Stage Performing Arts Academy (Vernon, B.C.)

Is there anything else about your writing career you’d like to share?

I’ve just self-published my first novel (which was also my Masters Thesis for the Program), after having an agent struggle to find a home in the traditional publishing world.


M.F. McDowell’s Website: http://www.mattmcdowellmedia.com