Congratulations to Andrew Gray and J.S. Herbison

Congratulations to Creative Writing staff member (and MFA alumnus) Andrew Neil Gray and MFA alumna J.S. Herbison on the publication of their first novella, The Ghost Line, out this week from Parters in life as well as writing, Gray and Herbison first met while completing their MFAs at UBC.

The Martian Queen was the Titanic of the stars before it was decommissioned, set to drift back and forth between Earth and Mars on the off-chance that reclaiming it ever became profitable for the owners. For Saga and her husband Michel the cruise ship represents a massive payday. Hacking and stealing the ship could earn them enough to settle down, have children, and pay for the treatments to save Saga’s mother’s life. But the Martian Queen is much more than their employer has told them. In the twenty years since it was abandoned, something strange and dangerous has come to reside in the decadent vessel…

Find out more at Andrew’s website.