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Undergraduate Advisor
Aleya Abdulla
Email: crwr.undergrad AT

Graduate Program Inquiries
Andreas Schroeder
Email: aps (at) mail (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Note: Due to the volume of requests Andreas is unable to meet personally with prospective students. Please thoroughly review our website: contact him via email if you still have questions after that.

Graduate Chair
Timothy Taylor
Email: timothy.taylor AT

Rhea Tregebov
Email: tregebov (at) mail (dot) ubc {dot} ca

Please contact Graduate Program Inquiries for questions regarding applying as a graduate student or taking graduate courses. Contact the Graduate Chair if you are a current student with questions or issues.


Keith Maillard: 604-822-4596
keith (dot) maillard (at) ubc (dot) ca
Nancy Lee: 604-822-2115
nancy (dot) lee (at) ubc (dot) ca
Sharon McGowan
Sharon (dot) McGowan (at) ubc (dot) ca

Annabel Lyon
annabel (dot) lyon (at) ubc (dot) ca
Linda Svensen: 604-822-3058
linda (dot) svendsen (at) ubc (dot) ca

Diane Smyth: 604-822-3024
crwr (dot) admin (at) ubc (dot) ca

Graduate Secretary
Pat Rose: 604-822-0699

EdX Programs
Andrew Gray
angray {at} mail {dot} ubc {dot} ca

Mailing Address

UBC Creative Writing Program
Buchanan Room E462
1866 Main Mall *
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1
* Couriers should be told to deliver to the East Mall side of the building. Long distance calls will be returned collect.

Other Contacts:

UBC Undergraduate Admissions: 604-822-3014 / Website

Prism International
Editors: 604-822-2514 / Website

Film Program
Secretary: 604-822-6037 / Website

Theatre Program
Secretary: 604-822-3880 / Website

Graduate Studies
Office: 604-822-2848 / Website

Awards & Financial Aid
Office: 604-822-5111 / Website

UBC Housing: 604-822-6935 / Website