Non-Credit Courses

edx_logo_finalWe offer new and innovative online non-credit courses on the edX platform. Starting with novel writing, these courses offer an inexpensive alternative for students who want to learn from some of our best teachers without enrolling in a creative writing degree.

Novel Writing


Have you always wanted to write a novel? Have you started a novel only to run out of steam halfway through? We now offer a three part series of six week non-credit online courses designed to take your novel from concept to completion. Find out more!

Non-Degree Studies and Individual Courses

Students who are not in our program, as well as unclassified students, can apply to take one or more of our Creative Writing classes. Visiting, Unclassified, and Access Studies students are part of Non-Degree Studies, which is for students taking UBC courses without pursuing a UBC degree.

Non-Degree Studies is an option for you if:

  • You have already completed a degree
  • You are completing an undergraduate degree at another institution
  • You want to take courses for general interest outside of a degree program

Students must have an active UBC student number or are in the process of applying for one in order to register for a class. Please note that enrolment is limited and many of our undergraduate courses, especially at the 3rd and 4th year level, do not have space for non-degree students.