Student Employment Opportunities

Teaching Assistantships

UBC Creative Writing offers a number of Teaching Assistantship position for Graduate Students each year. TAs assist instructors in our 200 and 300 level undergraduate courses.

You must be available for the entire duration of the course for which you apply.

Qualifications: At a minimum, the applicant will have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent with academic and/or professional experience as a writer. The applicant must have solid craft knowledge of the genre covered in the course for which they are applying.

Duties: Marking student assignments and quizzes, answering student queries during office hours and via email, helping with in-class logistics, including, but not limited to: distributing handouts, running media, monitoring quizzes, and answering student questions. Monitoring course content on Connect. Some courses offer opportunities for TAs to teach. The 300 level courses involve leading workshops and discussions.

Hours of work: Most TA positions are half-time for a single term, 96 hours total. Please note that TA positions may vary by course. 

Salary (2016): Master’s Students: GTA II, $29.87/hour; GTA II, #31.04/hour

A call for applications is made in April each year.

Work Learn Program

The UBC Work Learn Program supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus that offer the opportunity for all current UBC students to develop your professional skills and learn in a work environment. From these experiences, you will gain  mentorship opportunities, an expanded network, ownership and responsibility of work, self-awareness and reflection, as well as a chance to apply your knowledge in practical settings, contribute to personal learning goals and the University in a different way.

Each year there are a number of Work Learn opportunities connected to Creative Writing.

All current UBC-Vancouver students are eligible. For the purposes of this program current UBC students are defined as students who are currently registered in credit courses at UBC-Vancouver and have a valid UBC student number. A student must be registered in courses in the term(s) they hold a Work Learn position. Students are only eligible to hold one Work Learn position at any given time. All students (domestic and international) must have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN).

More information at:

Graduate Assistantships

The Program awards G.A.s for specific jobs that contribute to the functioning of the program from September through April.

Priority is given to the graduate students who edit PRISM international, the program’s literary magazine, which has been edited by graduate students since 1977. Any money not already awarded to PRISM editors is given for other services around the Program, proportional to their importance. Students interested in becoming editors or doing other work as G.A.s should proceed as follows:

  • PRISM international
    It is strongly recommended that prospective editors join PRISM‘s editorial board. Prospective editors must also be M.F.A. students. During the fall, the next year’s editors are chosen by the current editors and PRISM‘s editorial board. Anyone else who wishes to become involved with the editing of PRISM may volunteer as first readers and give editorial responses to manuscripts at the weekly board meetings. Those students interested in future editorial positions must not only attend the board meetings, but become involved in the production, distribution, and promotion of PRISM. The purpose of the board meetings is to garner the input of each member, allowing the editors to produce the magazine as efficiently as possible. Extended literary debate takes place afterwards, but efficiency of selection and production is dictated by a submission rate of 3,000 manuscripts per annum. For more information about PRISM, please contact the magazine’s staff and/or see the PRISM website.
  • Producer – Brave New Playwrights
    This requires the services of a graduate student to select and organize student plays, directors and actors in consultation with the Executive Producer. Brave New Play Rites is presented in the second term at the B.C. Tel Theatre, Chan Centre.