MFA in Film Production and Creative Writing

The MFA in Film Production and Creative Writing Program is primarily a film production degree with an additional focus on screenwriting. The final thesis for this MFA is a completed film which the student normally writes, directs and produces.

In order to be considered for the Film Production and Creative Writing degree students must first be accepted as an MFA student in the Film Production Program. For that program students are required to have significant filmmaking experience.

The degree is designed for students who already have a comprehensive background in filmmaking and some screenwriting who wish to pursue a specific creative or intellectual vision that includes screenwriting, in an academic environment. To be accepted, students must already be experienced filmmakers and have completed films on which they were a principal creator to submit as part of their portfolio.

The Program is very small. Normally only 2-3 students are admitted per year. This total includes students in the MFA in Film Production. There are normally 30-40 applications for these positions.

The MFA is a two-year course of resident study. However, many students find it may take 3-4 years to complete the thesis requirement, as students must fund their thesis films entirely on their own.


Applicants must first apply to the Film Program and be accepted by the MFA in Film Production Program. The Film Program will then arrange for the application and materials to be sent to the Creative Writing Program for consideration for the combined Degree. See the Film program application information page for details.

Contact Information

Please note that the Film Program and Creative Writing Program are two different programs, located in separate premises. Each Program has its own Secretary.

Creative Writing combined degree advisor: Sharon McGowan – sharon (dot) mcgowan (at) ubc (dot) ca

For Film Program inquiries call (604) 822-6037 or visit: