MFA Progress Report Forms

MFA students must fill out these forms so that the program can keep apprised of your progress towards degree completion.

New Student Program Completion Requirements Form

Continuing Student Progress Report Form

Thesis Proposal

Please see the MFA handbook for information about the new thesis committee system and complete thesis guidelines.

Students will submit thesis proposal forms to the Graduate Chair. Each proposal will include the genre and brief project description, as well as first and second choice of supervisor. We’ll do our best to honour student requests for supervisors. Students will not get to choose their two additional readers; these will be assigned by the committee.

There are strictly enforced deadlines for student projects. Students’ thesis proposal forms are due in March each year.

Thesis Proposal Form

Directed Study

Courses numbered 590 are intended to provide opportunities for students to study a topic or issue not otherwise included in the regular curriculum, OR to work on a project that does not fit into the bounds of a conventional workshop. All 590s must be supervised by a CRWR faculty member and all are graded.

Students who wish to include a 590 in their program of study should first consult with a receive approval from their Graduate Advisor. Once that approval is received, the student may approach a faculty member to discuss the possibility of a 590, including both faculty and student expectations. Faculty are not obliged to supervise 590s.

Please download and fill out / print the Directed Study Form to apply.

Directed Study Form (PDF)