Awards Form

This form is for the purpose of identifying students for particular awards that may come up throughout the year. It will help us target you for quick deadlines when award opportunities arise.

Aside from your contact details, it is not mandatory for you to disclose any other information.

Please contact us immediately if there is a change to your status or contact information. For any questions around awards, please contact:

Maureen Medved
Associate Professor/Awards Chair
Creative Writing Program, UBC
  • Is there any way in which you wish to self-identify?
  • What are the areas you are most interested in in your writing/research? Please be specific.
  • Do you do research or joint research in other disciplines, such as the sciences, business or social work? Please be specific.
  • Are you interested in studying or doing research in other countries or institutions?
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  • Are you registered in any other department at UBC?
  • What is your current GPA (overall)?
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  • Are you registered in a full program of study?
  • Are you a Canadian citizen?
  • If you are not Canadian, which country or countries do you hold a passport from?
  • Do you reside or have you resided in any other country?
  • Please note any awards you are particularly interested in applying for.
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