Edit & Revise

Discover story analysis strategies and rewriting tools, develop a concrete plan for creating a more accomplished draft and explore what it takes to attract agents, editors and readers.


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$295 USD


Experienced writers understand that novels improve incrementally with each draft. This course teaches the skills of revision and the attention to detail it takes to make a good story great.

In this In this six-week online course with international best selling novelists, Annabel Lyon and Nancy Lee, we’ll explore the editorial process from macro to micro. From a far-reaching analysis of the three journeys every novel must take–internal, external, aesthetic–to a tight focus on the rigorous choices associated with prose style, learners will hone critical skills and develop a rewriting plan tailored to the needs of their individual projects.

Through self-evaluation and discussion with fellow writers, learners will build an autonomous writing practice and discover a community of peers familiar with the challenges and aspirations of novel writing.

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Before doing the course I had a manuscript that I had worked on for years, it had no structure and I had paid to have it edited, yet it was going nowhere. It was a disaster and an expensive one at that! After the three courses I found myself with a decent manuscript that was well edited and elicited a publishing offer.

Jane Ryan
Author of Forty-Seven Seconds