Have you always wanted to write a novel? Have you started a novel only to run out of steam halfway through? Created by Nancy Lee and Annabel Lyon, faculty members from the UBC Creative Writing MFA program, and hosted on Harvard and MIT’s innovative edX learning platform, this series of six week non-credit online courses is designed to take your novel from concept to completion.

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Booming Ground

Booming Ground is UBC’s non-credit Creative Writing Program, run by graduate students in the Creative Writing MFA Program. A Booming Ground mentorship offers you the chance to work one-on-one with an experienced writer in one of a wide variety of genres. This unique online mentorship allows you to write and receive feedback from anywhere in the world.

A Booming Ground mentorship consists of a six-month period during which you work with a mentor via email to develop up to 30,000 words of non-fiction, 60 pages of poetry, 120 pages of a stage play or screenplay, or 90 pages of writing for children. Booming Ground will take your writing to the next level, whether you’re working on a first draft or the final polish of a manuscript. We welcome writers of all experience levels and at all stages of writing careers.

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